The Magician’s Nephew
Chapters 1-15

                                                          STUDY QUESTIONS

1. Who are the main characters introduced in Chap. 1? How do they meet? Why has the boy been crying? What is the setting (where does the story take place, and what time of year is it)? How does the weather affect the adventure? What did the girl discover in the box-room (storage room) in the attic? What use did she make of her discovery?

2. What do the children learn about Uncle Andrew in Chap. 2? What kind of a person is he? How would you describe his character?

3. How is the Wood between the Worlds like the tunnel in the attic? The similarity between the two places gives the boy a wild idea. What is it?

4. What is Digory tempted to do in Chap. 4? Why does he do it? Does it seem like magic forced him to do it? Are there reasons why he should (or shouldn’t) have done what he did?

5. What do the children learn about Queen Jadis in Chap. 5? Would you describe her character? Do you see any similarities between her and Uncle Andrew? Why does Jadis want to go to the children’s world? What is it that catches her interest, causing a "hungry and greedy look" on her face?

6. In Chap. 6, how does Queen Jadis seem to think about Uncle Andrew? How does she treat him? What does that show us about Jadis? What new word does Lewis use to describe her? What more do we learn about Uncle Andrew in this chapter? Why had be become a magician?

7. In Chap. 7, why is Digory so interested in the lady who brings some grapes for his mother? What idea does it put in his head? What does Aunt Letty say about the grapes?

8. How is the Cabby portrayed in Chap. 8? What kind of person is he? How does Queen Jadis behave when the pool takes them to the dark world? How does she describe it? What did the children hear in the darkness? What "two wonders" happened in the same moment? Who is the Singer? How is he described?

9. What does Polly notice about the Lion’s song in Chap. 9? What does she think is going on? How effective is the Witch’s attack on the Lion? How does the Lion respond? How do Jadis and Andrew respond to the Lion? What makes Uncle Andrew so excited about "commercial possibilities"? What did he discover? What does the Lion to all the creatures just before He wakes them up? Can you think of anything like that which happens in the Bible? What does the Lion say to the Beasts?

10. What does the Lion give to all of the creatures in Chap. 10? What warning does He make? What is the "First Joke" in Narnia? Who makes it? What name does the author give to the Lion in Chap. 10? What more do we learn about Uncle Andrew in this chapter? According to Lewis, what did Andrew succeed in doing? What do we learn about Andrew’s "point of view"? What does this demonstrate about the importance of "where a person stands" or "what sort of person you are"? What does "talking lettuce" have to do with what the Jackdaw calls the "Second Joke" in Narnia?

11. In Chap. 11, what does the Jackdaw call the "Third Joke"? In this chapter Aslan calls a council to discuss the safety of Narnia, and he warns the creatures that "an evil has already entered it." What does Aslan ask Digory to do in front of the council of Beasts? From his conversation with Aslan does it seem like the enchanted writing in Charn forced Digory to ring the bell and wake up Jadis? What does Aslan promise to do about the evil consequences which now will inevitably come upon Narnia?

12. In Chap. 12 what does Digory see in Aslan’s eyes, when he asks Him to cure His mother? What does that tell us about Aslan? What happens to Strawberry in this chapter? What mission does Aslan give to Digory and the horse?

13. What warning does Digory find written on the golden gates outside the sacred garden in Chap. 13? What is Digory tempted to do? Can you think of any parallels (similar situations) in the Bible? What helps Digory not to do the wrong thing?

14. Aslan promises that the tree which Digory planted will protect Narnia from the Witch for many years as a "Shield." Why will she "loathe" the tree and want to avoid it?

15. How did the children get into Narnia to begin with? How do they leave Narnia and get home? What happened to the Apple which Aslan gave to Digory? What warning and command did Aslan give to the children before He sent them back to their own world?

N.Lund/Oxford Tutorials